The Calgary Weekly Herald, February 29, 1888

Some excerpts of local interest from the Weekly Herald.

Dog Taxes
Those having dog-taxes to pay had better put up before the 1st of March. Jack Ingram is putting on the war paint.

Fish Creek Boys
We notice our friend Mr. W. McLeod in town today. He is one of our best pioneers and is of course sanguine of the Fish Creek country.

It seems as if there is to be an Alaska fever in Calgary. We could contain ourselves if Mr. Patrick Doyle, of the Pullman, didn't come out square and say he would make a bundle in the new mining region. Are you going to leave us Pat? You are a dandy.

Heading Southwards
A few days ago it was reported at Medicine Hat that Constable Young, of the N.W. Mounted Police, while crossing the river to the barracks the previous night had fallen through one of the holes where ice had recently been cut and was drowned. The general opinion is that he is alive and hearty, and making for Uncle Sam's Domains.

Spring Fishing
A number of our Isaac Walton's have been making hauls of speckled trout from the Bow River during the last few days. Just think of it, ye dwellers on the banks of streams in icy fetters bound in the frigid east! Joseph Bannerman in half an hour caught 10 trout weighing nine pounds; Mr. Newson in the same time caught 13 weighing eleven pounds.